Poetry In The Woods

.A great day to see the transition of Fall right before our eyes… I had the privilege of walking in the woods today with a friend. It was cold; too cold to be without gloves and hat…and yet I was. It was such a beautiful day that I got out two notebooks and pens and invited her to write with me. In silence we sat for a long time and put into words what we observed. I thought I would share with you those words:

Edges crinkle brown
Attachment weakens; wind blows
A new beginning

Leaves race in the wind
Carpeting the forest floors
A roof for new life

Love etched in the tree
I.M. (heart) ME
Love grows forever

The tree planted strongly
Sturdy as elephant’s feet
A firm foundation

Green, red, yellow, orange
Waiting their turn
Transition is near

Pillars of oak sway in the distance
Layers of life scatter below
She powerfully blows

It was so much fun. If I had her permission I would share her poetry as well – insightful and fun to read.

A Thought To Share: Take time to observe, to sit in the world around you, and even if you have never put pen to paper in poetry, to try writing – make it a gift to yourself


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