Let’s Have Some Fun

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As you know and probably have read, I am writing children’s manuscripts.  I am having so much fun and am learning in the process.  I have made it a practice to read several children’s books a week…I peruse every “top ten” list and head to Barnes and Noble to journey into the minds of the writers and the hearts of their stories.

I know each of us has a favorite story, a story that brings back memories, a favorite character, a favorite experience reading a story.  Share it with us.  In the comment section below tell us your favorite children’s book and take a moment to share why it was so special to you.  I will post all the comments so that we can together experience that pondering with you.

Not only will we all benefit from a “feel good” experience, but you will take a few minutes out of your busyness, to rest, to remember, to change your endorphines, and to bellow the joy-fire within.

Happy pondering…I look forward to sharing with you.


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