“I Am Ok Being Ok”

Reading's Pagoda seen from Skyline Drive
Image via Wikipedia

If you are not from the area, I want to tell you about a great environment that you should visit in the Reading, PA area, Goggleworks Center for the Arts. Yesterday was Second Sunday when many of the artists are in their studios and much is going on throughout the building. There were art talks, glassblowing demonstrations, lamp work demos, pottery classes, artist talks, galleries to peruse, films, and lots of people everywhere…a feel good, inspiring environment.

I had the privilege of having a writing critique with Mickey Getty, author of Junk Lottery. It is always good to have your writing critiqued with constructive input and I received good input…so Mickey Getty, thank you…it was a helpful experience.

Today in the blog world and twitter there is much written about destructive/harmful critiques…and yes, they can be painful. What I have learned, though, is that no matter what someone else says or how destructively critical he/she is, I have my knowing inside of the purpose of my writing and the personal satisfaction of getting my thoughts on paper. I also try to remind myself that “every person pulls their pants up the same way I do”. That has been my filter through which I have tried to experience critiques. Actually that is the way I try to experience life. “I am ok being ok.”

A thought to share: Whether it is writing, talking to family/friend on the phone, interacting with people at a store, or dealing with an uncooperative customer rep on the phone, remember “they pull their pants up the same way as you do”, their “power” doesn’t have to penetrate your knowing of who you are, and “it is ok being ok”. Have a great day.


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