Writing Through the Senses

Photo © by Jeff Dean.
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I was driving this morning and admiring the red, sugar maple trees that have their leaves and made it through the days of rain.  As I was noticing their shape and color, my poetry mind started.  I call it “poetry mind” when you look at something and your brain starts to write poetry even though that is not what you intended.  I know that is true for some of you because I get to share in your poetry on Facebook.  Maybe some of you don’t have “poetry mind”, but maybe “prose mind” – writing that comes forth about the beauty of what you see.  I think it is the creativity that we needing to come out or overflowing.  I am not always in a place to write the thoughts down (so that I can read it or I can share the brilliancy of it with others.  Sometimes isn’t that what you think?).   What I am learning though, is to appreciate the spontaneous poetry or thoughts as they come out, in the moment, because there might not be any more life to the words than those few seconds of my appreciation.

So I will stop contemplating the blessings of spontaneous poetry/prose mind and continue…

A little exercise that came to me this morning, and which I have not had an opportunity to do yet, but hope to,  is this:

Take something, a leaf, food, an object in your house, something…and write about it using each sense as the narrator.  In other words, tell a story through your senses…

Example:  A red maple leaf

Write a few sentences, a story, or a poem from the perspective of your eyes (what you see); another from your nose (what you smell – the leaf, the air, the smells of the forest, etc.); another from touch (close your eyes and feel the leaf and create a story as touch being the narrator); your ears (the sounds of the leaves falling, the leaves crunching, the wind blowing), and taste (what does the air taste like, what is the taste in your mouth in the story about the leaf)…and then compare the emphases and observations from the senses, and note where the senses take you.

Have fun with it…let your senses have a voice…be creative…and I will do the same…hopefully I will share my little exercise with you in the days ahead…remember, you are always welcome to share with us, as well.


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