Union Square: True Colors


A week or so ago I posted about Writing Through the Senses…and then I wrote about having no inspiration…well I spent the day in NYC on Saturday and went to my favorite market at Union Square.  Below are some of the pictures I took at the market.  At this time of year not only is the food market there, but the Holiday Market is open as well.  I have a wonderful memory of walking through the Holiday Market last year with my mom, niece, and a friend…it was snowing, and dark, freezing cold, and the shops were filled with their goods, wonderful smells: gluhwein, waffles, candles, perfumes…people bundled in their black winter gear and colorful scarves, hats, and gloves.  It was the first time my niece had been there and you know the delight of seeing something with someone for the first time…it made it extra special. 

This year I captured some of what I love about Union Square…and I finally got to write through the senses.  I hope you enjoy.

True Colors

To use a cliché, the square bustles with color
True colors.
Red, blue, green, orange, yellow
Fruit, vegetables, breads, wine, greens, pines
Bright hues.
The scents of color combine
Hot cider, pine garland, fresh baked bread
The sounds of color overwhelm
Horns, chatter, chopping, shuffle
Images form.
The fragrant tastes of hues
Maple-ginger candy, strawberry wine, hard pretzels, microgreens
Bursts of intensity.
The saturation of touch
The density of an apple, prickering of pine needles, brushing of passers-by
Feels good.
The many colors of Union Square.
True colors do shine through.
The experience of color.


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