GPS, Headlights and Life

Headlight overkill on an Italian scooter.
We Can Try Adding More Headlights, But Don't Miss The Thought

Have been thinking about “staying in the moment”…

I was driving yesterday and playing with the navigation system in my car.  I can change the view from 400 feet to 800 feet to 1/4 mile…etc.  I thought even though I have these different views, I really only see to the edge of the navigation map…the boundary of the screen in my car.  Well, I know that in and of itself is not so important.  I was thinking about how valuable it is to see the “now” – I know in a way that has become a cliché, but all of these pictures came forward…and of course, I thought I would share them with you.

I can visually picture getting from point A to point B, but the way that I picture that is to see “scenes”, images, markers, along the way…I don’t usually think or see in aerial view the path from point A to point B.  I don’t see the whole picture.  The same is true for driving at night.  Even though I am driving from point to point, I really only see as far ahead as the illumination from my headlights.  I can’t see beyond that which the light shows, except when I get there.

One might say, well you have way too much time on your hands, if these are your thought processes…maybe I do…but there is an integrative thought to ponder.

Life is really like what we can see with the tools that we have for any given moment.  In our mind’s eye we can see the next landmark, but rarely do we get the aerial view of the future.  We can see as far as the illumination of our “headlights” but we know we are going to move into the “beyond that” and have to trust beyond that.  We can see perhaps, sometimes short distances, like 400 feet or 24 hours  on our “life” system, but we really only see as far as the edge of our screen.  Yet, as true as each of these images are, we still try to see further…know the future…know what is going to happen to us…how things are going to turn out…know what we are going to have to “go through”…

Sure we can say well, we can see further if we put on our high beams.  True, but also true, is the view may be further but there is still an edge to the visibility.  We can increase the view on the navigation to 1, 5, 10 miles, but what is also true, is that the further we increase the view, the less we see.  We can say, well, we can string together milestones, images, landmarks, along the way to see the mental view between point A to point B…and I say, yes, from an energy perspective look at all the more energy it takes to function in increased mental complexities to do that moment by moment about everything…that is so often how we do life, we complicate things…

For some of us, learning to live knowing we can see in the moment, and trusting that the future will be illuminated in its time, is challenging.  It is only challenging when we are not ok inside, being ok with being ok.  We are going to get to tomorrow, but so often we miss the joys of today trying to figure out what is on the other side of the illumination from the headlights or the edge of our navigation screen.

Integrative thought to share…keep growing to be ok being ok, honoring and enjoying you, so that you can stay in the moment, enjoy it, and those around you in it as well.  There is a reason the headlights only illuminate so far or the navigation system screen is finite…focus on what is illuminated around you…not what is in the dark or off the screen.


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