Where Were We?

Had an opportunity to spend Saturday with my niece.  So I took her on a day trip.  We had a nice time together and believe it or not, I actually had fun.  I am usually not a fan of doing what we did, but it turned out to be very much fun.

Perhaps you have noticed that I am vague about what I did.  I am doing a little contest and want you to be a part of it.  I have collaged some pictures of our trip and if you know where we went and are the first person to correctly identify where we were (specifically), you will receive a prize package (wow, can’t wait to see, right?).  Send your answer through “comments”…the winner will be announced as soon as he/she is identified.

Have fun…hope to hear from you soon.

Where Were We?

4 Replies to “Where Were We?”

  1. Congratulations…PZ…you are right…we went to the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan…definitely fun to visit… You will be receiving your prize package in the mail…send me your mailing address through an e-mail and I will see that your gift is on the way… It was great to see the orgami tree and make orgami ornaments…much to see and do.

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