Starbucks Office

Cover of "Writing down the Bones"
A Worthwhile Read

I Went to Starbucks for the first time in months to write.  I went back to an exercise suggested in Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.  She talked about a 3-minute exercise where you write about anything, the things around you for three-minutes and then you move on to the next and keep going.  I thought I would share some of the 3-minute gems.  I bet you won’t necessarily call them gems.  Really, a gem is more about the art of trying, that is what I always say…

A Starbuck’s Highchair

Sleek, wooden, artistic, creative, European

Containment, equalizer

It is so different, and yet like every other


My Cell Phone

I hate the lack of independence, autonomy

I like my whereabouts unknown

Is there not sanity in serenity?

What is sanity?  What is serenity?

Sanity is not being attached to this “cosmic leash” of everyone who knows me!


Today I Did It, For Real

Today I did the unthinkable

As if I wasn’t there – it wasn’t me

For weeks…months the plaguing torture of my own carelessness was real,

Real in my mind, but not reality

…Never lost, only in my condemnation.

Today, though, reality was perhaps attracted…

I threw my card case away.

(For six weeks I thought I threw my keys away at Starbucks because they were lost)


Beauty is All Around

Colors, symbols, emblems, logos

I love creativity

There is beauty in marketing



2 Replies to “Starbucks Office”

  1. Oooh, these are fantastic! I especially love the last one. I was teaching people how to design websites today, and that’s so true! There IS beauty in marketing. In expressing yourself and your product (which for me, is my writing) through images.

    Thanks for sharing!

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