Revisiting Jealousy (via Let The Words Flow)

I think this blog is fantastic…I love that she walked into “jealousy”…opened up about it, and was real in her self appraisal. Jealousy is an emotion; we all have it…and for the most part, we are all taught to shove it down, re-face it, deny it, or do anything/everything to make it go away…and honestly, all that does is make it worse, grow it, mutate it, etc. It is great that she so openly discussed the issue…

Now on the other side of things, it would be great if we were able to give the person who is jealous freedom to be jealous…we don’t have to cover up our successes, deny our blessings or gifts, or act like we have never been jealous…because we have all walked in that person’s shoes. What would be great is to be able to honor, respect, and allow that person’s feelings – it would be the fastest and healthiest way to handle it from both sides of the coin. An issue without power is really not an issue.

Thanks, Savannah for a great blog.

Revisiting Jealousy by Savannah J. Foley ~~~ Almost a year ago I wrote a post called FictionPress and Jealousy, in which I talked about the negative feelings that sometimes result from comparing yourself to other writers. A few months later, Sarah wrote a post called The Writing Community's Kryoptonite…AKA Jealousy, in which she talked about how jealousy harms not only the jealousee but the jealouser. (Yeah, you love it when I make up words.) Yesterday Susan Denna … Read More

via Let The Words Flow


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