Gone to the Squirrels

If any of you know me, you know how much I am a fan of squirrels.  I, in the past, had a nickname for them: skeavy rodents.  I used to meet people in City Park and I would be so hypervigilent because the squirrels would come up on our benches…aaauuuggghhh!  But now I have a backyard “not so exotic” menagerie of birds and animals.  My neighbors feed the squirrels peanuts (and I get the shells), but over the winter they seem to go away for days at a time.  When they are away, the squirrel community says, let’s go beg the neighbor.  If you don’t think squirrels communicate, you need to come visit me. 

This morning they sent the messenger and he came and sat on my step and spoke sign language, literally.  He sat there with his one paw over his chest, “please”…and he didn’t move.  So benevolent as I am, I tried to figure out how to share my bounty with my formerly skeavy rodents. 

I found a jar of organic peanut butter and corn flakes…(I can create anything with a few ingredients)…so I made peanut butter cornflake balls…

My backyard is still layers of ice, so the next task was to get these balls up in the yard…you should have been here…you would have laughed hysterically.  I opened the door, took a spoon, and catapulted the balls up into the snow.  The balls smashed into pieces upon landing…

Suddenly I became the gourmet queen of the “not so exotic” menagerie…hero for the day…and quite frankly, “not so smart home owner”, for tomorrow there will be more begging. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I tried to get everyone to pose, but their food was more important than my pictures…


2 Replies to “Gone to the Squirrels”

  1. Good Morning, Kris!
    Long time no talk/write/see…and I want to change that!
    Your writings are so readable and downright enjoyable. I laughed at the visual of the squirrel with his hand over his heart, giving you little choice but to cave and create for your former enemeies.
    Thank you for sharing!

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