Signs of Spring

If you live where I live you probably woke to snow this morning.  I waited for that one last big one that everyone talked about, but it didn’t come.  I love snow, so to not have that last snow was sad, but I have been moving into the longing of Spring.  On a day when Spring is a mystery, I thought I would share signs of Spring that I have been capturing.  I hope you enjoy!

These are photos of a family (or multiple families) of blue herons nesting.  It has been awesome to watch over the weeks.  Look at all of the nests….each nest is a family…at any given time four sets of young can be feeding at one time…and to think that this wonderful sight is less than a mile from my home…how fun.  Saw a bluebird and some seagulls (well, lake gulls), as well.

I would have never seen the “heron” tree or got to share these photos with you if I hadn’t been taking my niece for driving practice.  She was driving, I was the passenger, and she was so adept at driving that I got to look around…what a gift.  Happy Soon-To-Be-Spring!

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