The Power of Fear

Dues amigues conversant ("dos amigas conv...
"Your fear is sending me upstream, Bull!"

Fear is so positional!  So powerful.  So subtle.  Even if we feel strongly rooted, connected, trusting in love and relationship to God…even if we know who we are…even if we know joy is our desire and our resting, fear so subtly creeps in.  I don’t desire to give fear power, but I think it is purposeful to be mindful to check in and see if and how fear is undermining safety, love, connectedness, and ok-ness of who we are. 

Fear always exists; in all of us.  In fact in many ways fear is useful.  It keeps us from danger.  It keeps us seeking wisdom.  It tells us how we interact with our world.  But too often in a way that affects others, the power of fear gets extended to or projected on others through our interactions and beliefs.  Fear causes us to see ourselves [positionally].  If I project my fear, then I will try to power over you so that you will not know my fear, but will feel the results of my fear.  Sometimes such interactions are met in a power struggle, other times they are victimizing, and other times they force another into rebellion.  So as you can see, our fear becomes very powerful in our interaction and someone else’s response(s).

As we are able and when we begin to walk into the fear, face it, realize it, expose it, disempower it, the power then becomes our ok-ness with who we are, negating the need for [positionality].  Fear then becomes the gift in us of ‘power in freedom’ for ourselves and for others.  If I am ok with me, then I don’t have to “force” you to deal with my fear through my projected [positionalness] with you and you can be ok with you.

Whew!  Was that too deep?  Hope that made sense somehow…it is what I have been contemplating and bantering about inside.  I put some words in brackets because I think I created those words…how fun is that to create words…I hope contextually the creation of them helps to decipher my mental banter.  I would love to hear your integrative thoughts…


2 Replies to “The Power of Fear”

  1. Wow, that was powerfully said! I especially liked “Fear then becomes the gift in us of ‘power in freedom’ for ourselves and for others”. It’s where I want to be. I’m beginning to understand what you meant in your presentation three years ago: “It can be o.k. at the O.K. corral”. Thanks for the journey!

  2. Thanks for your comment…I think fear is such a complex topic…we are told to not give power to fear…to move through fear…to not stand in fear…but what so often we don’t even realize is that deep below the actions fear so subtly lingers sometimes…it is the depth of those knowings that as we realize who we are and the connections we have with God…that we can find freedom and power in being ok…and then allow others to be ok too…just some more thoughts…

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