National Poetry Month

You may not know it, but April is National Poetry Month.  I have been following Robert Lee Brewer’s blog Poetic Asides and have been actively involved in the 2011 April PAD Challenge.  Each day he gives a topic to write on and everyone shares some of their writings.  I thought I would share a few with you, just for fun.  I hope you enjoy.

The Biggest Piece of Pie (Day 1)
Momma sent us to the store
“Listen now, before you’re out that door.
Johnny get a dozen eggs.
Sally buy some chicken legs.
Suzy pick up some loaves of bread.
Michael find a cauliflower head.
Georgie pick out some red tomatoes.
Franny buy some sweet potatoes.
Gather your coins, don’t forget your shoes,
Be polite, and mind your p’s and q’s.”
Suzy in her roller skates,
Went over curbs and under gates.
On the red scooter, Johnny went,
Rattled and rolled to his content.
A blue two-wheeler with a basket went Sally,
She raced through every back road and alley.
Georgie rode his sleek skateboard,
Pushing along, no time to be bored.
Michael donned his running shoes,
He ran through the woods and across the mews.
Frannie was wise, she saddled her horse,
Sturdy and steady was Ol’ Bessie, of course.
They raced, and they galloped, rolled, and ran
Everyone with their secret victory plan
To get to the market, and back on the road,
And home to Momma, their goods to unload.
First in the house, gets to cut the pie
The biggest piece goes to the victor, of course, that’s no lie.

Postcard Poem – Day 2
The seas wash on the sandy shores
Filling in all the empty spaces
From above and below
As my soul
Is bathed in the energy of the wind
A cherished day on the beach

A Serious Goofy Poem – Day 5
Sail close to the wind…not under false colors
Eat like a bird…no eat like a horse…no eat like a pig…just don’t eat crow
Rake over old coals…raises eyebrows…and rains on my parade
I may be daft, but not stupid…I’m just in a pickle…not in a jam…I just don’t want to be in another’s shoes
Off the cuff…off the grid…off the mark…off the scale…off the hook…I’m glad I’m not off my rocker
Under your nose is better than under your thumb which is better than under your skin, she said under her breath
Say uncle…on second thought, see which way the cat jumps, so the scales fall from your eyes
…a seriously goofy poem about words.

You are always invited to share some of your writings as well…I love to hear from you.


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