Be Who God Meant You To Be

drops of spring
Great Photo (by Steve)...but it reminded me of "being"...these droplets can't do anything except be there and be beautiful

“’Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.’ so said St Catherine of Siena”, The Bishop of London–Richard Chartres began his sermon at the Royal Wedding. That quote has been resurrected and spoken more in the last days, but is always timeless. Are you living it? I spent a few days with that quote mulling over and over…Am I being who God meant me to be? What does that mean? Am I setting the world on fire? What does that mean? I spent years doing – doing for others. My purpose I thought was to do. My drive was to do. My mission was to do. I thought doing was being. I mechanically set the world on fire – at least inside to pacify my purposes in doing. What I realized though is that I burnt out, I became ill, I physically and emotionally crashed. The only fire burning was a little smoldering of smoke coming from the ashes… There was never any being in the doing. I didn’t know what being really meant.

I have spent years now, rewriting my script, learning what it means to be. That is my “preach” now. Being is much different than doing. Being is knowing who you were always; knowing whose you were always; knowing who you are now; and knowing that who you are will always be who you are. Who you are isn’t better or worse by your doing. Being who you are, is what sets the world on fire, not what you do. When we know who God meant us to be, then we begin to see ourselves with nobility…and when we begin to see ourselves with nobility, we begin to take care of ourselves…when we begin to take care of ourselves, we actually overflow authentic love to others…when we take care of ourselves we don’t try to fix others…or “do” – to be “good”…or interfere in other’s lives with our doing for our “self gain”…our love brims over when we “be who God meant us to be”.

If you were sitting with me, we could have a great discussion – a “banter” on the subject, because as you and I, both, know…this integrative thought is the tiniest of sliver in a much bigger pie of knowing. But let me leave you with one last thought…I saw this sign at the local carwash and I think it fits well in these thoughts: “Allowing others to be themselves is a gift”. Be who you are and always were and allow others to be themselves…many gifts in those thoughts.


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