My Favorite Books: For Grads

It won’t be long before many will transition life experiences…no I am not going deep on you…I am thinking about those who are graduating.  juxtaposition, or maybe ambivalence, are the most descriptive words for graduation.  Some use the word, bittersweet, but whatever the description, it is a time of transition…and exciting one at that.  I think we should take a “graduating mindset” journey more often throughout our lives: “What do I want to do now?”  “If I could do anything, what would it be?”  “What am I going to do that will support me in seeking joy in my life?”  “The sky is the limit, I can do anything, what is that?” 

We don’t need a transitioning time like graduating from kindergarten (I smile every time I hear about a kindergarten graduation – I have an opinion – can you hear it), 8th grade (opinion about this one, too), high school, college, or graduate school to ask these questions.  We have choices, we can ask these questions every day if we want…and some of us do.

So, in honor of those who are graduating, I thought I would share some of my favorite graduating gifts:

Oh, the Places You’ll Go  by Dr. Seuss

The Giving Tree  by Shel Silverstein

Instructions  by Neil Gaiman

The Book of Virtues  by William Bennett

But my favorite is (drum rollllllllll): a Moleskin Journal, for there is nothing better than expressing ourselves in words and through drawing. (Well, yes, there are things that are better, but when creativity is flowing, it is up there on the list.) 

If you don’t have any grads in your life, grab a cup of coffee at your local bookstore and find joy in the reading.


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