A Classic Ugly Duckling Tale

One of these things is not like the other; one of these things just doesn’t belong. 

Do you remember that song?  I don’t remember much about Sesame Street, but I always like figuring out what didn’t belong.  Sometimes in life, we feel like “one of those things.”

I often sit at a nearby lake to read and write.  There is a flock of geese that each year take up residence there to raise their young.  Right in the middle of the flock of some fifty geese is this white duck.  I am not sure if she is 100% duck or if she is 50% duck and 50% goose, but regardless she is 100% part of the greater geese family on the lake.  She eats with them, travels with them, assists with the young, and acts like a goose – and yet she doesn’t look anything like them (well, she does have one black tail feather that postures up in the air like a goose when she paddles with the crowd). 

This duck is a living example of the classic, Ugly DucklingShe is totally unique and yet totally the same in her community.  Our journey is much like hers.  We are to be unique.  We will not always fit in.  We may never fit in.  We may always stand alone in our thoughts, beliefs, experiences, expressions, and yet that is the beauty we bring to the whole – to the communities we are in both great and small.

In watching her – it is like she knows no differently.  Sometimes it is hard to know no differently.  What I think we forget sometimes in our own lives is that those around us “know no differently”.  Sometimes we need to embrace for ourselves that which is already given – acceptance.  Sometimes we forget also that others are concerned with their own uniqueness, and don’t even see ours. 

Some of us blow the whole issue off as if we don’t have time to think about these things – we are above them…Some of us are stuck in the phase of feeling terminally unique – as if we will never fit in…Wherever you are in your journey – take time to celebrate your diversity today.  This duck certainly celebrates hers.


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