The Benefits of Being in the Light

A complete plant of Bellis perennis (Common Da...
Both the above and below benefit from being in the light.

Like plants, our lives have the “seen” and the “unseen”.  Plants have leaves, roots, and the connections in between.  We have the outside and the inside; that which is seen, and that which goes unseen, not only to others, but also often to ourselves. The unseen, the below, is what so often we don’t want to see, what we want to keep hidden, what we want to forget about, what we want to avoid.  However, like the roots of a plant, these areas in our lives are not void of the effects of light and love.

A plant’s leaves take in the sun – light and heat, and through integration, absorption, and chemical processing (photosynthesis)…the roots directly benefit from the sun even though they never see the light of day.  Roots grow underground in proportion to the amount of sun (and water).  The quality of the plant is directly affected by both what is seen above ground – “in the light”, and what grows below ground – what is kept in darkness.

In our lives, we desire openness, transparency (healthy transparency, that is), and genuine living, but no matter who we are, we maintain much that is hidden, not always with intention, but in protection, in dissociation, denial, and ignorance. [I love this word…people hate when you use it…because it has taken on such a derogatory meaning, but ignorance according to the dictionary means “a state of being uninformed”.]  I think in so many ways we are uninformed about feelings, emotions, reality, and memories we keep inside, in the dark, like the roots of a plant, below the surface, because it is a way of coping, moving on, protecting – a defense mechanism.

What so often is kept below, in the dark, is – fear, confusion, shame, guilt, lust, and jealousy (and the like) – the emotions we don’t want others to see, nor do we want to look at ourselves.  Our hope and confidence, though, is that these very things we have in the dark are being nurtured, changed, and affected by our living in light, love, and compassion.

If there is an integrative thought to take away, it is that we, like plants have an above and below; we need to be realistic about allowing healing (light) into our lives so that both the above and the below benefit; and lastly, our focus is to be in the light, living in compassion and being healthy about our focus so that we can rest in knowing that healing is taking place in all of us.

Go into today knowing that just by being open in light, love, and compassion you are growing in what is seen and unseen.


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