A “Heart” Find

12 11 2011

"A Harvest Heart"

I have been an admirer of Rick Ruggles’ interest and art with “found hearts” in objects and nature for years.  This morning I was preparing breakfast and felt a little like Rick – a piece of harvest bread from Whole Foods and a wonderful heart.  Isn’t that just so fun?

I purchased several of his posters for gifts throughout the years – they just make me smile.  If you never had a chance to admire his work, check out his website:


A Great Way To Start The Day

As you go about your day today, be open to seeing hearts all around you…and not just those in your friends.  Enjoy the day!




4 responses

12 11 2011
Joni Beach

Seeing hearts is a good reminder to treasure the positive things in our day…thanks for your visit! jb

12 11 2011

It was a day of treasuring the positive things…hope it was for you as well and all that were reminded.

14 11 2011

I love “seeing” shapes in other things, most often strands of hair on the shower floor twisting into a variety of stories. How awesome that Rick has focused on hearts and finds them in so many places. I will be more aware now, too. Thanks for sharing.

15 11 2011

I can’t wait to read your “shower hair” stories…once you start looking for hearts you see them everywhere…thanks for commenting

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