Occupy Kitchen Table

Occupy Kitchen Table: an alternative approach!  You are probably familiar with Occupy Wall Street and the many adjunct protests going on around the country in the last few months.  From the pages of Wikipedia the Occupy Wall Street protests were initiated by a Canadian protest group against social and economic inequality, high unemployment, greed, as well as corruption, and the undue influence of corporations—particularly from the financial services sector—on government.

I do not desire to debate the purposes, benefits, or methods of Occupy Wall Street, but what I would like to offer, in the most non-critical way is an alternative to confronting economic inequality, unemployment, greed, and social- and emotional-perceived disparity, back in the home, at the kitchen table.  So much is accomplished at the dinner table: connection, trust, care, relationship, modeling behaviors, social interactions, discussions about thinking and how to think, skills like cooking, etiquette, nutrition, eating, mindfulness, self care.  Perhaps you are saying that I am glorifying meal times, and honestly, perhaps I am, but the truth is so much is lost in family relations, social skills, and self value, by not connecting and not experiencing relationships and their associated skills.

How does one learn to take initiative, or set goals, or learn what it is like to talk through a discussion, or even a disagreement, by sitting in front of a computer or a TV game while eating?  Or grabbing food on the go?  Or eating at the nearest fast food?  Or eating whenever or wherever you want in the home?  I know families are busy.  I know funds are limited.  I know nerves are frazzled and people are burned out, but much is being lost in the lack of connection.  Connection breeds self worth, self confidence, skills to be employable, skills to represent one’s self, skills to learn that “I am ok being me”.  So many are crying out for connection, relationship, value – crying out to be seen or heard, touched, or understood…and so much of these needs can be met in the home, at the kitchen table.

We all have thoughts, opinions, stances, purposes.  Mine is not to negate the occupy groups, but it is to perhaps in using their phraseology, start a new movement – Occupy Kitchen Table!  Let’s get back into the kitchen to: cook together, eat together, talk together, be together, help each other grow in confidence and value together…and occupy the kitchen table together.  I hope you join the movement and pass the idea along!  Occupy Kitchen Table!


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