Another Heart Found

21 12 2011

It is always fun to find a heart.  A few weeks ago I posted a found heart and a link to Rick Ruggles’ art of finding hearts.  I was preparing to saute some vegetables in smoked paprika and olive oil for a meal today and look what I found:

It is always fun to find hearts as we go about our day, but not nearly as much fun as sharing the joys with the real hearts around us.  Keep your eyes open today to “found hearts” and warm hearts.  Take a moment to cherish the latter in this busy time of life.




4 responses

21 12 2011

This is so cool! Imagine what we all could see if we just took time to notice the little things.

21 12 2011

I agree…thanks for noticing the little things with me…hope you continue to see and receive hearts and love around you.

21 12 2011

Incredible! I’m not surprised that you find hearts in your pan….a reflection of your warm heart. What a perfectly sparkling heart. I felt that heart today. Thanks!

21 12 2011

Thanks for your kindnesses…happy heart finding to you!

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