See Through A Bigger Lens

Lens 1
A great image by mmahaffie via Flickr

Sometimes we come into situations in our life where we are convinced we understand and know something is black and white; or, we know the totality of the situation is as we see it. If you are like me, often you “know” it is how you are seeing it, and you “know” the way you are seeing things is right. At the same time, you believe your view is also righteous, true, the only way, the right way…and of course you know, others aren’t seeing it the right way.

Yup, that is us. That is who we are. We see the world through our lenses: our belief system lens, our heritage lens, our life experience lens, our road-of-hard-knocks lens, our gender lens, our age lens, and yes at times our blindfold lens. Could it be true, though, just possibly be true, that there are many more lenses to any situation than what we so proficiently see the world through? A rhetorical question, I hope you understand.

Sometimes we need to step back and invite a bigger, different lens, sometimes a lens we can’t understand, or are afraid to trust, or we think couldn’t possibly be real. We need to realize that the “other” or “others” have the same type of lenses that we have. But even more than that, there is this bigger picture lens, God’s lens, the lens of a greater purpose for those involved, those around, those in similar situations, etc.

What happens if the challenges that we see through our filter, or the perspective we see about a situation, may be the very circumstance or issue that help us grow or heal in our own lives. In other words, perhaps at times we need to step back and invite the “greater purpose filter/lens” so that we can, despite the situation, circumstances, and outcome, grow in who we are. We can only address ourselves, our soul, our healing, our own lives, because if we attempt to try to convince others of our way, we can be sure to send them further away…remember they have their own filters…and they may not be looking through the “greater purpose filter”. It may be hard, terribly hard, but if it is for a greater purpose in our own lives, then isn’t it worth our looking at “where can I grow”?

Soooo, that was a heavy subject. I know I have written about similar things before, but the issue is so present for so many people right now, I was moved to integrate thoughts perhaps from a different angle.


2 Replies to “See Through A Bigger Lens”

  1. Indeed it can be terribly hard to do this. And yet if we can muster up the courage to take just one small step in the direction of “looking at where can I grow,” perhaps that small step is the beginning of some growth we can build on.

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