Celebrating Art

23 01 2012

Periodically I share with you some of my “favorite” things…or things I find fascinating…and I recently have been introduced to some wonderful artists that you need to know about…

Ingrid Siliakus is a paper architect/artist from the Netherlands…I invite you to check out the following sites to see some of this amazing work:










Gugger Petter weaves newspaper into portraits…check out these sites:














And lastly, I belong to the Spiritual Cinema Circle and receive DVD’s each month with inspiring movies, documentaries, and short films.  This past month the feature was a documentary film on Ginny Ruffner, a lampwork glass artist who also creates glass sculptures, metal sculptures, paintings, public art, pop-up books, and commission work.  The movie is about her life before and after a head injury from a car accident.  If you get a chance to see the movie or at least see her work, you will be in awe….I was…














I hope you check out the “my modern metropolis” blog…I think it is a fantastic blog…

I hope you are creatively inspired today.




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5 02 2012

Paper Art is so fabulous! How something so beautiful can be made from paper is astonishing.

5 02 2012

Reblogged this on Exploration Art and commented:
Astonishing paper art. A must see.
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL BLOGGER’S POSTS. They were kind enough to let me share this wonderful article with you.

12 02 2012
Rocky Statue Blog

Celebrating The Art…

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