Be Ok Being You

I watched these cattle for months observing how they cluster together, and most often face the same direction.  (Actually in this picture they are not as clustered as I have seen them when I didn’t have my camera with me.)  I philosophied (my word) and spiritualized their actions, their energy, and a greater purpose.  I even researched (googled) their behaviors – clustering and standing in one direction, only to find that there is no such commonality or patterns with cattle.  Honestly, I was disappointed.

I wanted to say that we have much to learn from cattle – that if we cluster together, share a greater commonality of energy, support, mutual care, we will be protected, safer, healthier, in greater unity, but I can’t do that.

And…the funny thing is since I captured the above picture of the cattle facing the same direction (and somewhat clustering), I have not seen them like that since.  As you can see in this next photo, they are scattered or more spread out and facing different directions.  So there goes my theory.  My spiritualizing was scattered across the field.  As time has been passing, in a way, I am grateful for my disappointment because I think there is even a greater truth in what I have been observing.

Life is not about conforming.  It is not about “doing the right thing”.  It is not about fitting in (or not fitting in).  Conversely, it is not about being independent, not conforming, or purposefully trying to set yourself apart or be unique.  Life is whatever you want it to be today, this moment.  Life, this moment, is about being you.  This moment you get to choose what you want for you…and the next moment you can make a different choice.  Someone recently encouraged me with this: “Today, you may want to dye your hair pink, and tomorrow you might decide that you want to try it out as blue…and it doesn’t matter…there are no rules.”  If you were a steer, today you might want to stand in the center of the herd, facing the same direction; tomorrow you might want to be off on your own; the next day you might want to face a different direction…or lie down when all the other cattle are standing.  There is no “right” way of being.

So if you see me today and my hair is pink – don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.  Celebrate my growing in freedom, and I will encourage you in yours and celebrate with you.   If I am not in the herd with you, it is ok.  If I am off on my own, it is ok.  If I am facing a different direction, it is ok.  However, if I am donning my hair in pink, and am off on my own, standing facing a different direction, you might have a reason for concern.  Just kidding.

I think the greater lesson from these cattle is just: be ok being you!


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