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23 03 2012

Madison Woods http://wp.me/Pj6xM-MQ each week invites others to join her in her:

100-word Flash #FridayFictioneers

Madison gives a picture prompt and invites writers to write a story to the photo in 100 words or less.  This is her photo for this week:

It is a lovely photo, but my writing took a different turn.  Here goes my writing:

I stood like a deer in headlights, not knowing which way to turn.  Well, literally, I looked behind me and their lights were on me.  They knew my path.  There was light on the horizon.

I decided to run, explosions in the distance, cracking sticks, limbs, and crumbling leaves encroaching closely behind me.  All was but a whisper though compared to the pounding and pulsing deafening my spirit.  I ran, no time to think, no time to contemplate, I just ran.

Minutes ago I stood, camera in hand, beauty to capture, landscape and light my focus, what happened?  Why this?

I would invite you, if you want to dabble in writing, to go to her site and join in on the fun.  A great challenge.




23 responses

23 03 2012

We both started or posts in similar ways and then they diverge. You leave us with a big mystery. Here’s mine: http://postcardfiction.com/2012/03/23/trapped/

23 03 2012
V. L. Gregory-Pohlenz

Exciting–I’d like to know how this ended for our photographer friend. Sounds like the beginning of a great suspense/mystery. Well done!

Mine: http://www.vlgregory-circa1800.vpweb.com/blog.html

23 03 2012
Kris Kennedy

Me, too…to be determined. It certainly was fun writing.

23 03 2012

Hello and welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I found your piece very interesting, from photographer to hunted, how did this happen, who is after him? So many questions, I would read more…

Here’s mine: http://teschoenborn.com/2012/03/22/friday-fictioneer-3/

23 03 2012

I got quite caught up in this. There’s a lot more to be said here I feel.
Thanks, enjoyed the read.

Mine’s at: http://castelsarrasin.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/to-bring-you-home-friday-fictioneers/

23 03 2012

I like how we are pulled into this scene of chaos and destruction. Without knowing what’s going on, we’re really thrust into the mindset of the main character!

Mine is this-a-way:

23 03 2012

Welcome to the Fictioneers! I hope you enjoyed your first go and will be back for many more.

I’m intrigued about what has happened – our MC seemed to have time to think at the beginning but by the end is just running for her life.

I’m over here: http://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/friday-fictioneers-the-crater/

23 03 2012

Exciting! you really got the feel of panic here. I want to know what happened and why just like your character…
Here is mine:


23 03 2012
Charles Oyeleke Williams

Sure, time and chance happened to them. Great piece…quite like a continuation of mine: click to view and tell me what you think…https://seewilliams.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/scorched/

23 03 2012

Dear Kris,

How quickly things can change. One minute there to capture photographs, the next minute on the run from a nameless but frightening threat. Good job. I look forward to reading more of your wok.

Welcome aboard.




23 03 2012
Kris Kennedy

Thanks Doug for the encouragement…it certainly was a great experience…I am hooked…looking forward to reading everyone’s writing…and creating together.

24 03 2012
Lora Mitchell

Hi Kris: Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Nice job. This calls to mind a film I saw long ago…the person is in the woods taking photos but is really a spy…looking for the right spot to drop the goods…but is followed and gets caught. Here’s mine:

24 03 2012

Gripping! An excellent action piece, that left me wondering who was after the photographer, I actually wondered if it was someone mundane, or perhaps even alien. Nice that you let it open to interpretation. Mine is here:

24 03 2012
Kris Kennedy

Thanks for your comments…it was very much fun to do…off to read yours…thanks for sharing

24 03 2012

What a fun idea!

24 03 2012

I was wondering when/if someone was going to do the deer in headlights thing! It was my first thought seeing the picture, but I didn’t think of any way to use it. I’m glad someone did.

And you did a good job, to boot.


25 03 2012

Welcome Kris, and a great first story. Pursuit is always an exciting scene to write.
Here’s mine if you haven’t read it. If you have, thanks!

26 03 2012
Madison Woods

I will never be out on a photographic hike again without thinking of this scenario now, LOL! Great story. I wonder what was chasing the narrator?

26 03 2012
Madison Woods

And YES, welcome to the Friday Fictioneers. Where’s my manners? Glad the others have been nice to you 😉

26 03 2012
Kris Kennedy

Everyone certainly was…including you.

26 03 2012
Kris Kennedy

Me too. What a great experience…writing last Friday was just what I needed to start again. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful concept…everyone was wonderful…such great feedback.

28 03 2012
Dawn Adrienne Taylor

I like the crunching imagery as the escape takes place. I have a few short videos I took of deer in Richmond Park near London if it’s of interest.

28 03 2012
Kris Kennedy

Wow…cool…I will check them out…amazing racks…how fun…good to keep in touch

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