The Alphabet of Self Care

7 04 2012

"Mother Earth" by Ballance from Vancouver Island, Canada
One of my favorite paintings.

I have been working on writing different types of poetry now for years.  At the end of last year, I wrote this “alphabet poem” about self care.  Included in this poem are the foci of what I believe and share about self care.  I hope you enjoy!

The Alphabet of Self Care

Accept all of you – you will teach others how to do the same

Breathe – it expands your consciousness and awareness

Crying is cleansing – don’t let anyone tell you differently

Deliberately live – choices are in every experience

Experience life – it is going to happen anyways

Filters protect – but listening without them reaps better connections

Gift yourself with the journey – it is worth it

Honoring self is a gift to you, others, and the world

Intuition and intellect go hand in hand – you have both, honor that in you

Journey into the above and below – you can’t know you without knowing all truth

Kindness with others is easier – how about kindness with self

Laugh when you are able – it does more than feel good

Moment by moment is always a new beginning

No good, bad, right, or wrong – judgment leads to shame – shame keeps you stuck

Overflow grace to self – self criticism serves no purpose

Practice patience – patiently practice

Quietly listen – the heart will speak

Rest – nothing to fear…and it brings rejuvenation

Singing brings a new vibration to the soul

Treat yourself as if you have all the time in the world for you

Upstream doesn’t get you there

Validate and honor actions – there is always a reason

Worth is a man-made concept – accept that you are worth it and move on

Xenial – be hospitable to self as you would a stranger

You, you, you  – it is all about you

Zero in on the things that are important to you – so much time is wasted on what we think is expected

©Kristin Kennedy, 2011




11 responses

7 04 2012
Dawn Adrienne Taylor

Perfect sentiments, Kris, it’s beautiful. Love thyself first, then we have greater capacity to love others.

7 04 2012
Kris Kennedy

Yes…thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts…love the picture of the moose on your site…will read tonight…have a great day.

7 04 2012

Kris, this is just great. Can I re-blog it after finishing my 4-part Introduction to Astrology series?

7 04 2012
Kris Kennedy

Wow, Anne, I would be honored…thanks for reading and commenting.

8 04 2012

You are welcome!

7 04 2012
Michele Martello Holub

Thank you for giving me a reason to study my ABC’s all over again!

8 04 2012
Kris Kennedy

Smile…very creative response…yes, me too.

7 04 2012

Beautiful and wise. Love it.

8 04 2012
Kris Kennedy

thanks so much…often thought it would be fun to make a poster…

8 04 2012

A poster is a great idea (or even a postcard to sent to a special friend who needs those words).

18 10 2013

Lovely words – so good to share them – thank you.

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