100-Word Flash Friday Fictioneers

Another wonderful Friday morning…hope where you are, it is the same.  If you are a reader of this blog and normally like to read my thoughts, then don’t feel obligated to read this post, just delete…I won’t in any way be offended.  If you want to read a little fiction I wrote, then read on.

This weeks prompt was a beautiful picture of moss and a drip…and this is what I wrote:


“What the hell?  Were you trying to kill me?  My clothes are goners, I’m never going to get this dirt out.  Look at my knees, my arms, they’re all ripped open.  What the hell was the purpose of that?  I hate you.  I hate this place.”

I sat with Joe, quietly.  We just emerged from the cave, pretty cut up, our clothes pretty nasty, but it was good.  I knew the cave, done this for almost eight years now, taken kids into this cave to push them, it works so often.  Joe’s pretty “pushed” right now.  Just going to hang out with him before we head back to the juvi.

We hung on the rocks for a while. “Hey, Steve, check out that mini-waterfall…it’s kinda cool to watch that drip.”

“Yeah, Joe, it is pretty cool, isn’t it.”

Nature has a way of breaking through.


19 Replies to “100-Word Flash Friday Fictioneers”

  1. I loved that you used nature to break through to a troubled kid. I’ll bet caving is great therapy when a knowledgeable guide there as in your story.

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