100-Word, Friday Fictioneer Time

I got a chance this week to write with the Friday Fictioneers.  If you want to have a little fun, join in…Madison Woods puts out a photo prompt on a Wednesday and on Fridays everyone shares their 100-word fiction pieces.  Below is the photo prompt for this week, followed by my writing.  Have a great weekend.

I walked into the old dining room, the guys were gutting the whole house.  They were down to the floral wallpaper.

“Stop, wait, please, give me a moment.”  I pleaded, against no opposition.

In that moment the room was transformed.  I sat at the claw-footed table with the worn, cream, plastic tablecloth with blue and red florets. Little Joe was in his high chair, Claire next to me, and Gran and Gramps were in their own world, waltzing to Les Paul and Mary Ford’s, Vaya Con Dios playing on the old console record player.  We loved to watch them dance.  Saturday nights were wonderful.

I turned before they saw my eyes, “Go ahead, tear down the wall.”



34 Replies to “100-Word, Friday Fictioneer Time”

  1. Thanks Lora…you are right..li think there are fewer family memories for many because family is a different picture for many these days..lthanks for stopping by

  2. This was bitter sweet. A beautiful story which brought back some lovely memories for me. My parents used to dance in our kitchen to their favourite music. Always on a Sunday night . Thanks for bringing that back for me. Loved it. Glad you liked mine 🙂

  3. Hi Kris! I saw your question at Rick’s blog regarding the blog hosting the full moon haiku. I believe it’s Haiku Bandit Society and this is the address –> http://haikubanditsociety.blogspot.com/

    I’ve taken the liberty to answer you seeing that Rick has not replied as he must be busy. The full moon is on Saturday (this evening on your side) so I hope you will be on time to catch it!


  4. aloha Kris – i like the gentle blur of time and memory in this. i think you connect to many memories for many people. way fun.

    i also wanted to leave part of a reply i made to your comment/request regarding the Moon Viewing Party (just so you’d maybe have time to send something of yours in to the party):

    [aloha Kris – way cool that you have some of your work to share at the Moon Viewing party. it’s on the Haiku Bandit Society Blog:


    …he often waits a day or two after the full moon before calling it to an end so i suspect you still have time. it’s a great moon tonight (Saturday night) – the “supermoon” visually brighter and bigger in the sky by a considerable amount this month. ]

    i may have to try one of these prompts you play with. they look like a lot of fun. aloha.

  5. Memories like that have a way of being bittersweet, don’t they? Sometimes the best memories come back with the worst circumstances. I enjoyed your story.

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