I am an integrative psychotherapist. I get asked often, “What is integrative psychotherapy?”.  Let me tell you what it is for me: I see the individual holographically as mind, body, and spirit with different levels of energy and consciousness.  I believe in a quantum approach to healing; we are all energy, and energy is a part of all healing. I see my purpose as “being a healing coach”…holding space with the person for his/her own self-healing, offering guidance and integrating mind-body care to support the individual in coming to know who he/she truly is.  We have a God-given knowing of who we are, but through experience, life, relationships, challenges, trauma, we lose that true knowing.  My desire is to help you come back to that knowing.  I have the privilege of working with children, teens, adults, and families.   I also work specifically with trauma-related and attachment-based issues with both children and adults. [Check out Creative Healing Arts For Children and Integrative Psychotherapy pages for detailed fact sheets about what I do and my services.]

My other “profession” (I say that because that is what I desire to become) is that I am a writer.  I find pleasure in writing children’s picture books, early readers, as well as, poetry.  I, of course, tend to integrate what I do and what I am learning about me and life into my writing.  I also like to: draw, create, design graphics, cook,  and learn new things that stimulate my creativity.

I enjoy seasonal outdoor activities such as: snowshoeing, hiking, bicycling, and kayaking…and lastly I like to take that Sunday afternoon drive to “nowhere”.


24 Replies to “About”

  1. I believe my friend we used to call that Sunday drive to “Nowhere”.. Exploring, which brought many hours of enjoyable conversation, deep bonding of sisterhood and wondrous destinations ..Those are moments in time and memories that I cherish forever and allow my mind to drift, to those occasions, when the need to arises. Thank you for traveling with me, down that road, we call life.

  2. What a fascinating career you have. Thanks for following my blog, and I’m glad that I discovered yours. My day job is helping middle school youth learn to read and write so I can attest to the challenges faced by these teens. How wonderful to hear that you use creativity to bring healing to all ages.

    1. wow, that is cool…I often think about going back and picking up my teaching certification, just to have that opportunity…have always wanted to teach, but went in a different direction

      1. I think what you’re doing sounds fascinating. At times, I love my job because it is rewarding to help middle school students with literacy. Yet, it is also very stressful because my students are quite challenging.

      2. I agree, but I also think that middle school is one of the more impressionable times in our lives…as challenging as it is, if you can influence or encourage but one at this age to take ahold of his/her life, how awesome.

  3. “We are all energy, and energy is a part of all healing.” I totally agree to that. And like Jodee said, yours is a very fascinating and helpful career. 🙂

    Thanks for following my blog. I guess I’ll drop by here from time to time for some kind of healing as well.

    Have a great day! – mel 😀

  4. Hey Mel…thanks for stopping by…I love what I do…it is a gift to walk alongside of people as they pursue their own healing journey…can’t get much better than that….stop by any time…as I do your blog…as well.

  5. Hi Kris – love the title of “Integrative Psychotherapist” and I love the passion and authenticity so evident in your writing. Sending you good wishes from Scotland

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bob, I really appreciate your thinking and will continue to follow…looking forward to dialoging with your thoughts…thanks for the good wishes from Scotland…Kris

  6. Kris, you are doing wonderful job! I’m not a psychotherapist but through meditation, I’ve gained enough knowledge to heal my SELF….and to some extent, others too 🙂
    Meditation has brought many acceptable changes in my life….and like you, I also want to make people aware of it….but my approach is a little different 🙂

  7. Hi Kris
    haven’t been in touch for a while but will shortly be freshening up my links and hope it’s ok to include you under “Writers I like”? Talking of which, I am leaving you this link for new poet Sophie Agrell whose work I am featuring this week. I think you will like her poetry. If you do, feel free to pass the link around since I think Sophie really deserves to be read. Thanks!

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