Writing In Progress


Genre:  Picture Book (4-6)

Reading Level:  Early Reader

Summary:  Peregrin dreams of becoming part of the circus.  He sets out to learn everything he can to master the skills needed to perform.  Through a series of creative attempts and failures, Peregrin discovers in a dream where his strengths and abilities come from and uses those skills to find his way home.

♥                    ♥                    ♥                     

Babies, Babies, Everywhere

Genre:  Picture Book (0-3)

Summary: Babies, Babies Everywhere is a charming, read-aloud rhyming text showing that all babies everywhere, no matter their culture, faith, or environments where they are born learn the same things about themselves, hear the same prayers, and have the same needs: to know that they are pure and perfect love.

♥                    ♥                    ♥                   

Granny Bling Bling

Genre:  Middle Reader Chapter Book

Reading Level:  2nd-3rd Grade

Summary: Gran is this idealic grandmother who seems to be almost too optimistic and ok with everything around her, but who has one admirer who wants to be just like her – her granddaughter, “Babe” (Katy).  Katy loves when Gran comes to visit and shares in adventures with her as she learns what makes Gran be Gran.  Katy faces hardships and challenges with friends that lead Katy to call on some of those skills.  Through those challenges she learns that she too can take care of herself from the inside out.

♥                    ♥                    ♥                   

Miss Quince’s Garden

Genre:  Middle Reader Chapter Book

Reading Level:  2nd-4th Grade

Summary:  “OOOOOHHHHH”  What is that lady doing on the other side of the fence?  Follow Molly and Joey as they solve the mystery of the strange sounds in Miss Quince’s GardenMiss Quince’s Garden  introduces the concepts of toning, chakras, and vibrational energy through a whimsical and colorful tour of her garden.  Molly and Joey face obstacles when they try to look over the fence to find out about the sounds.  Miss Quince invites them to visit her garden and gives them a tour, sharing how she integrates color, sound, and the beauty of flowers and nature to honor what feels good for her.   Readers will be enticed to create “feeling” experiences of their own.


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