Writing with a Friend

Blue Marsh Lake
Blue Marsh Lake (Image by Jeff Cushner)

Had a fun weekend…went to Blue Marsh Lake with a friend and wrote…we sat and looked out on the ice melting on the lake, the bare trees, and horizon of pine trees…and encouraged each other in poetry.  It is always fun to write with others…if you write and ever want to write together, let me know…there is a sense of camaraderie and fun in the practice.

I thought I would share some of our work.  Enjoy!

She wrote:

Emergence in the distance

Under the ground

Flowers await to show their brilliance


Trees without leaves

Reach up to the heavens

Pointing to all the twinkling stars


Ice, frozen water, no movement

Underneath life forces awaiting the thaw

Movement of orange and white

A koi pond comes to life


Winds howling, trees swaying,

Leaves blowing, windows rattling.

The force is powerful.

Then stillness appears.


I wrote:


The solitude of transition

Ice remains

The silhouette of limbs are like veins in the horizon

Stillness, purity,

A sense of nothingness.

Life awaits,

Dormant, ready,

Waiting for the synergy

Of light, warmth, water.


New life

There is new life in this moment.

Always in the moment

Life may look different tomorrow,

But it is always new now.


The ice canvases the lake

Imperfections hidden

Smooth, sheen, serene


Peaks of green life

Arm skyward

The scent of pine

In the midst of brown dormancy 

I find it interesting how similar thoughts emerge.  Even if you don’t put your thoughts to writing, take time to be creative with your thoughts about what you see around you…it would be like having a moment of joy…you are always welcome to share.