Dancing from the Heart

Fiesta in Palenque. Afro-Colombian tradition f...
To me...this would be the color of my dance!

I have been challenged this week by the concept of dancing.  On my FB profile page I have the quote, Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”  I think I have always liked that quote because inside that is how I would like to be.  I would like to dance, love, sing, and live in freedom, in joy, in my grace…in many ways I do, and yet so much of me lives still in restrictions, fear, and confinement.  I am moving in the direction of these freedoms and I embrace where I am today, for it is different compared to yesterday.  I think I am a closet dancer, like a closet dreamer.  Not sure if it is my heart that cries out for dancing and my logic guides me differently…or if it is my logic that knows I want that and my heart is afraid…  Maybe you can relate.  It is something to think about.

In dabbling in the contemplation of the image of dance, I wanted to know how others before me have grappled with this idea, so I included some of their thoughts for your (our) consideration:

“Your love for yourself is only shown when you are dancing freely.”  I suppose that is true, but if for today, you are only “dancing freely” in your spirit, or your imagination, or even your thoughts, then know your love for yourself is one step more than it was a minute ago.  Take a moment to dance…close your eyes and see yourself dancing…dance there – in find joy in those moments of love for yourself.

“Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.” ~anonymous.  “You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart.” ~Unknown    How is your heart dancing today?  Is it the Tango?  The Waltz?  Ballet?  Flamenco?  Salsa?  Rumba?  Zambra?  Maybe it is a quiet, gentle beat…more of a vibratory knowing.  Do an experiment…close your eyes again and try out different dances…if you don’t know what they are, there is always improvisation…just enjoy.

Lastly, I liked the truths in these words…whether it is in dance, movement, or life…I think it speaks about vibratory living.  “The Dancer believes that his art has something to say which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing…there are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words. There are movements which impinge upon the nerves with a strength that is incomparable, for movement has power to stir the senses and emotions, unique in itself. This is the dancer’s justification for being, and his reason for searching further for deeper aspects of his art.” ~Doris Humphrey, 1937

May today you dance…even if it is in the quiet of your heart.