Economics and Image

I went to the hair dresser the other day and had a stimulating conversation I thought I would share with you.  I actually have rather curly hair, but I perceive it as not being enough to “go curly”…so I have learned to use it.  Like so many, I have tried many products to “make it curlier”…to “make it straighter”…to hold it in place, give it body, decrease the frizz…I think you know what I mean.  I have finally come up with a system for my own comfort and appreciation of my hair.  I don’t tell too many people about it because it is unorthodoxed and not the way the industry tells us to do things with our hair, but it is working for me.

So when I walked in, my hair stylist played with my hair, told me how “lovely” it looked (which is always a plus…except when you are in the mode of “he is just saying that”…or “he has to say those kind of things”.  But that day I was feeling good about my hair and me for the most part, and was able to receive his compliments.  I told him my unorthodoxed methods of hair care…and he commented with approval and encouragement…and this is what he said:

“I am so tired of the economy governing people’s image.  Marketing, products, the media, Hollywood, all tell us that we are not ok the way we are…that we are not attractive unless we use this product, or do this treatment, or cut our hair this way, or look this way.  Every person has a ‘God-given’ head of hair and image, and it is beautiful because it is that person…not because the person makes their hair to look differently or like the hottest stars, but because beauty comes from the inside out.  You are beautiful.  Your spirit is beautiful.  You are beautiful because you are you.  I have been a stylist for a very long time and I am so sad that almost every woman that comes in here doesn’t know her own beauty.”

Well, let me say first of all, I was in a good space to take in his words, and it felt good.  Secondly, I left there being ok, being ok with me, even if my methods are unorthodoxed.  Thirdly, in the days following I have realized how subtly the reality of his words are true in so many aspects of my life.  As much as I say I am not going to be affected by the latest trend or the “newest conformity” enticement, I am.  Of course, there needs to be a healthy perspective between economics, marketing, business, products, development, etc. and our own self care, knowing who we are, being ok with “being ok”…  As is true in all of life, it is about balance. 

Let me end this muse with my own contemplation:  Where am I turning to the world to help define me?  Are there areas in my life where I am not ok “being ok”?  How is my inner knowing and beauty coming forth for me today?  Enjoy the thoughts.