DIY Shower Experience

I have been busy doing a DIY project with my shower…  Long story short, I have really hard water and glass walls…so I continually have issues with lime build up and wearing caulking.  A few years ago, I paid someone over $350.00 to scrape and caulk which didn’t last very long.  So I decided I could do it myself.  As I was scraping the caulking yesterday, I humored myself thinking that I could write a blog about “my favorite things” for this shower project…so here it is:

The first item you need is Pandora Internet Radio

Have you heard about Pandora?  Pandora is a free internet radio where you can listen to your own music choices or a specific genre…it is great…I listen to Anne Murray, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, etc. (Yes, now you know more about me.)…but the music certainly makes being scrunched in a shower more bearable.

Secondly, I would not call myself a sucker for TV products, but I saw this product a few years ago and thought, “boy, I wish I would have invented that”…and when I found it in a store, I purchased it…and it is unbelievably worth the money…so you are wondering what it is right?

The Turbo Snake is this plastic coated snake with a velcro tip that you slide into your drain, twirl, and remove all of the hair that collects in the drain…so maybe  it is a TMI issue, but the product is wonderful…

Thirdly, a few weeks ago I went to the Philadelphia Home Show and saw one of those demonstrations for cleaning lime build up…watched the live, “unbelievable” results and thought again, I am not a sucker for gimmicks, but wouldn’t it be great if…  So I came home, did some research, and found that this product is an enzyme, and is completely biodegradable…and is not a chemical.  I found that it had a money back guarantee, so I thought I would try it…

Quick N Brite is the product.  It comes in a compound or a spray…and it works.  I rubbed it on, waited a few minutes, and then rubbed it with a wet sponge again…and then wiped it off…really pleased with the product.  I know, you are probably saying, you could just use vinegar, but I can’t…unless I get someone else to do it because the smell is too much for me…and there are only so many times when you can talk a friend into cleaning something with vinegar for you.  Quick N Brite has no scent. 

Finally, after I was done the project, I treated myself to a feel good video on You Tube and I highly recommend it to you…not about promoting products, just telling you about a few of my favorite things…