Sketchbook Project 2013 – Go In

sketchbook project

Have you heard of the Sketchbook Project?  The Sketchbook Project Library is coming to a location near you – if it comes to a city near you, I hope you take the time to support the library.  This past year I participated in the Sketchbook Project through the Art House Co-Op.  If you haven’t heard about them, check them out.  They provide wonderful opportunities for art, writing, and creativity with people from all over the world.  What a great way to experience community.

I would love for you to go and check out my sketchbook/chapbook at the link below . . . and while you are there take some time to look at all of the wonderful creative energy.  Be careful, you might find yourself wanting to dabble and join the play.  Many of their projects are free, I hope you do desire to get involved.

I included several of the photos and haiku from last years daily blog project for me, along with other poems and art.  I hope you enjoy.

If the link doesn’t work, go to:, click on “digital library” and type in “Kris Kennedy”, and then press search.  It should bring up my book.  Thanks for enjoying this project with me.


100-Word Flash Friday Fictioneers

Another wonderful Friday morning…hope where you are, it is the same.  If you are a reader of this blog and normally like to read my thoughts, then don’t feel obligated to read this post, just delete…I won’t in any way be offended.  If you want to read a little fiction I wrote, then read on.

This weeks prompt was a beautiful picture of moss and a drip…and this is what I wrote:


“What the hell?  Were you trying to kill me?  My clothes are goners, I’m never going to get this dirt out.  Look at my knees, my arms, they’re all ripped open.  What the hell was the purpose of that?  I hate you.  I hate this place.”

I sat with Joe, quietly.  We just emerged from the cave, pretty cut up, our clothes pretty nasty, but it was good.  I knew the cave, done this for almost eight years now, taken kids into this cave to push them, it works so often.  Joe’s pretty “pushed” right now.  Just going to hang out with him before we head back to the juvi.

We hung on the rocks for a while. “Hey, Steve, check out that mini-waterfall…it’s kinda cool to watch that drip.”

“Yeah, Joe, it is pretty cool, isn’t it.”

Nature has a way of breaking through.

My Favorite Things

Every once in a while I am asked about “my favorite things”.  At one point a year or so ago, I did a blog on some of “my favorite things” and I was asked to do it again…so…why not?

I received an iPad as a gift several months ago and although I have not been a MAC user, I love my iPad.  I take it everywhere.  I can write and do re-writes of manuscripts, send it through iCloud and work on the same document a few minutes later on my PC.  When thinking about “favorite things”, I thought I would share a few of my favorite apps, because right now, they are a few of my favorite things.  Here goes:

Ustream is a free app that streams events all over the world in over 10 different categories: news, pets & animals, entertainment, sports, music, gaming, education, events, 24/7, and technology.  My favorite streams to watch are the live cams (live cameras) on animals – most of them of birds with their eggs and hatchlings.  You may remember that I recently blogged about the Great Blue Herons in Ithaca, NY through Cornell University.  It is mesmerizing, you could watch the live cams all day long…  There is something awesome to think that you are sharing in the occasion of birth, life, struggles, etc. energetically, and visually.  Check out the live cames of eagles, owls, hummingbirds, falcons, heron, whales, bears, even cats and dogs.

livestream is a similar app that hosts the Cornell hawks and herons.  On livestream there is also a live cam of a hawk in NYC.  It is so amazing to see the differences in the hawks energies between the one in NYC and the one in Ithaca, NY.  Sometimes it is hard to watch, actually.  The other day the hawk in Central Park brought in two mice, live, and fed them to the hatchlings as I watched…hmmm…hard to watch, and yet reality…certainly a different perspective on life.

TED is an app or a site with “riveting talks, by remarkable people, free to the world”.  Their byline is: Ideas Worth Spreading.  I also recently shared a TED Talk featuring Billy Collins, 2-time, US Poet Laureate with his poetry brought to visual life through animation and the Sundance Channel.  There is a really neat feature about TED Talks that I want to share with you – you can fill out this quick little survey, such as category, amount of time available to watch and it will bring forth TED Talks just for you.

THF Haiku (The Haiku Foundation) – I love this app.  Throughout the day, when I have a moment, or need some inspiration I view this app.  There is a random button that allows you to view one haiku at a time…so much fun to ponder, learn from, and find stimulation through – you have to check out this app.

Pottery HD – virtual pottery, how fun is that?  In this app you are the potter with a virtual wheel, at the completion of your piece, you fire, paint, decorate, photograph, and sell it at an auction.  Virtual people place orders for your pieces giving you the challenge of specific designs.  I understand there is an entire online community with competitions, galleries, and such.

Virtual Active – is one of my favorite apps.  I ride my exercise bike and travel through northern Italy, through the mountains, along canals, on the beach, and through small towns all across the countryThis app is so cool because the video only runs when it feels the vibration of the bike, and proceeds according to my speed.  There are 10-60 minute trips for each portal.  I think there are about 6-8 other ports of regions of the US, and Switzerland.  Travelling throughout Italy certainly makes exercising fun.

…and these are a few of my favorite things…

100-Words Flash Friday Fictioneers

Had time this week to dabble with the Flash Friday Fictioneer photo from Madison Woods.  My writing went in a kind-of peculiar direction, but I continued to follow it and here it is:

Walk Across America

Hi, Mom.  It’s me.  I can’t believe today is the day.  It is hard to imagine that after eight months of training, today is the day.  Turning back?  You want to know if I’m going to bag it now?  Are you freaking crazy?  Am I scared?  Hell, yeah, wouldn’t you be?   Am I going to call?  Mom, I didn’t even freaking leave yet. I know, Mom, this is hard on you.  Please Mom, please, I am going to be ok.  I love you, Mom. I’ll call you soon. Bye.

 Here goes, through the tunnel, one footstep at a time, until I get home.  Why would she understand, she never left her Long Island neighborhood.

Writing Friends: Check Out This Site

Madison Woods each week invites others to join her in her:

100-word Flash #FridayFictioneers

Madison gives a picture prompt and invites writers to write a story to the photo in 100 words or less.  This is her photo for this week:

It is a lovely photo, but my writing took a different turn.  Here goes my writing:

I stood like a deer in headlights, not knowing which way to turn.  Well, literally, I looked behind me and their lights were on me.  They knew my path.  There was light on the horizon.

I decided to run, explosions in the distance, cracking sticks, limbs, and crumbling leaves encroaching closely behind me.  All was but a whisper though compared to the pounding and pulsing deafening my spirit.  I ran, no time to think, no time to contemplate, I just ran.

Minutes ago I stood, camera in hand, beauty to capture, landscape and light my focus, what happened?  Why this?

I would invite you, if you want to dabble in writing, to go to her site and join in on the fun.  A great challenge.

A “Heart” Find

"A Harvest Heart"

I have been an admirer of Rick Ruggles’ interest and art with “found hearts” in objects and nature for years.  This morning I was preparing breakfast and felt a little like Rick – a piece of harvest bread from Whole Foods and a wonderful heart.  Isn’t that just so fun?

I purchased several of his posters for gifts throughout the years – they just make me smile.  If you never had a chance to admire his work, check out his website:

A Great Way To Start The Day

As you go about your day today, be open to seeing hearts all around you…and not just those in your friends.  Enjoy the day!

Do Nothing For Two Minutes

Do Nothing For Two Minutes can you handle that?  It is actually harder than you think.  I found this fun website that gives you an opportunity to soak in the ocean sounds while you look at the beauty of the ocean for an entire two minutes.  A little caveat though is that if you touch the mouse or the computer before the two-minutes are complete, your two-minute timer starts over…could be to your advantage, eh?  I hope you take time to check it out…two minutes is a worthwhile long time.

So for the next two-minutes, do nothing and enjoy the waves!