Three Cheers

15 11 2012

As you might have remembered from previous posts, I am a fan of some of the Ted Talks.  A friend recently sent me a talk by a young lady, Hannah Brencher.  I highly encourage you to check out her talk.  She has created such a wonderful concept.  I applaud her efforts.  I hope you are inspired.  Check out her website as well:




6 responses

15 11 2012

Many thanks for this, Kris. Will check out when I have the time!

15 11 2012
Kris Kennedy

I think it is worth doing so…let me know what you think

20 11 2012
Kami Tilby

Very inspiring. Makes me want to sit down and write letters all day!

20 11 2012
Kris Kennedy

Me, too…go for it!

20 11 2012

Wow…this brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

20 11 2012
Kris Kennedy

Isn’t it fun. I have been pondering about something could do. I started to hand write letters to friends, and then a friend sent me this talk, and I smiled. Very cool. I hope it inspires you to write.

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