Go In


Go In


look beyond the knowings of your mind

go in

look at the ancient, timeless truths

drawn on the walls of your soul

don’t let darkness shroud your knowing

go in

it is there that the eyes of your soul will adjust

sit, listen, wait

for the walls will speak

of stories, truths that transcend

man’s need, attempt to control truth


the energies of endless time

generations, lives, civilizations before you

ripples of knowing

as endless as the drops in the ocean

don’t move

let the vibrations of knowing move in you

let it pulse that you may become one

with every reverberation

now move

touch, taste, feel, see

explore the remnants

the artifacts, the truths

touch the stones of sacredness

the voluptuous beauty of her power

left for your knowing

stories inscribed in stains

uncorrupted by the feebleness of man’s tainting

now bathe

bathe in truth

cleansing the lies, beliefs

and crustings of pain

yours, of the times, and lifetimes

adorn, now

the fragrance of all that you are

clothe yourself in the power and majesty

of grace, light, love

but don’t stop there

take the hand of the person next to you

dance for them

celebrate you that they may see

the eternal being that you are

take them to the entrance of their soul

hold the door, invite them to go in

embrace them with hope and courage

invite them to learn the sacredness of who they are

that they too might dance

lastly, resume

delight in you, eternal you

yes, you


© Kristin Kennedy, 2012



8 Replies to “Go In”

    1. Oh, Michele, I am so glad. This poem came when I was asked, “How can we really make a change in the world? How do we enliven more feminine energy for everyone?” . . . And this is what I wrote as I contemplated how to respond to the person . . . taking one hand at a time, modeling our self honor. Many blessings, Michele.

  1. Michele’s response was mine, also. Your words and heart ring in my ears often and draw me inward to my/our soul’s love. Even just a “splash” of eternal refreshing water awakens my desire to “bathe”. I understand why I can jump the circuit at “don’t move” but I’m not disheartened. I love your progression of go in, feel, don’t move, move, bathe, and dance, alone and with another. What a gift and call to dancing for 2013 and beyond…..thanks.

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