Light Beyond the Clouds

I was speaking with someone the other day and she was describing her life as if in total darkness.  I understood her pain.  I sat with her in that pain, and then began to talk about the truth of the sun.  Even in darkness, the sun is still shining, it is always shining.  Depending on our geographical location or the time of day, we might be experiencing some darkness, but the sun is always shining.  We also talked about even in the darkness of clouds, behind that darkness, there is light.  We explored light and darkness together, and understood the pain of darkness together.  When she left, I was reminded of this poem I wrote a few months ago.  I thought I would share it with you. 

Light Beyond The Clouds


Beyond the clouds is another cloud

Piling in height and depths

Darkness lingers

Layered with lingering darkness

Clouds beyond with streaming lines

Like those of a musical staff

Behind that, light fluffy clouds

Tainting the purity of pure blue sky

And beyond that there is light

There is always light

Even in the depths and the layers

There is always light

Light may not shine through, but it is known

It is known in the intricate darkness and contained fluids of the puffy dark clouds

It is known in the wispy layers

Light shines through

When the clouds have reached the peak of fullness and they empty

Flowing rain upon the land

Newness nurtured

Clouds become lighter

Restoring softness

Shape changing and movement their journey

Disappearing at times to see pure light

And the blue of reflections

There is always light

Light shines through

Light is known

Even in the darkest of clouds


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